Tuesday, October 23

SEC Power Poll - Week 8

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Erik's Ballot:

1. LSU - Les Miles is 2 for 3 in the idiot savant coaching department. "So dumb it's brilliant" play calls have become Miles' M.O. this season, and he will either live by it (Florida, Auburn) or die by it (Kentucky). I just hope he doesn't take the still title-contending Tigers down with him.

2. Florida - Kept the SEC East pillow fight interesting. UF is still the best team in the east, as the Gates haven't lost to a divisional foe since November 2005.

3. Auburn - Heartbreaking loss, but it proved what many were starting to realize. Auburn is still top tier.

4. Arkansas - Looked like the Hawgs of better times. 2006. Before all hell broke loose. Could Houston save his job yet?

5. Kentucky - I told a friend in The Grove who doubted Kentucky's offense that Ole Miss and Seth Adams threw for 300 against Florida and Woodson will throw for 400. Well, he threw for 415 and 5 TDs, but he still lost because he can't play both sides of the ball, and there's this small matter of Tim M. Effin' Tebow.

6. Alabama - Sarah Jessica Parker Wilson is the man again, and the Tide upset the turdulent Vols. Is this Saban's "signature win?" (what a homo bama term)

7. Vanderbilt - Has to be the biggest Commodore win since Prohibition. I can't imagine what it must feel like...maybe like a 40-year-old virgin finally taking one to the house? Sorry, Spurrier.

8. South Carolina - My, how the pseudo-mighty have fallen. Did anyone really believe The Cocks deserved #6 anyway? Too many questions. Perfect example of the insanity that is the 2007 season.

9. Tennessee - Jekyll and Hyde. What the hell happened in the second half? Nice job giving the Tiders something to crow about.

10. Georgia - This team deserves to be in the top 25 about as much as I deserve a Pulitzer.

11. Mississippi State - They've been suckin' balls for most of the season, but hey...They beat Auburn. Apparently, if Sly Croom can beat one legit program every year...and remain black, he'll be the head coach at State for many years to come.

12. Ole Miss - Colonel Reb isn't crying anymore. He and Capitan Morgan are back in The Grove "scopin' tail" and attempting to drink away the Ed Orgeron era.

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  1. You say that Les Miles is "2 for 3 in the idiot savant coaching department." What play or plays in the Kentucky game were you referring to?

  2. 3rd overtime...Starting the drive by running it up the gut 4 straight times for the loss. That's jackass, ego induced stupidity of the highest grade.