Friday, October 19

Mindless Morning Youtubery - Now With 33% More Rant

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Tribute to Another Outstanding Former Vol

Bradyfan is Back.

"...When your sperm out swim those of Shawn Kemp."
That kind of lyrical content is strong, to quite strong. Jeez, I still can't get over it: Henry has Kemped NINE kids by NINE different women and failed two straight drug tests. I'm thinking they should have a Fulmer Cup for post-collegiate turdulence. "Fulmer's fatty iron fist of discipline extended to the Pro Ranks" Model citizens like: Albert "Stomp yo Ass" Haynesworth, Leonard "Drunken Vehicular Manslaughter" Little and Jamal "Federal, Pound me in the Ass" Lewis.

What do all these f'n scrote sacks have in common? You guessed it...The University of Tennessee. What a bunch worthless, debt to society pieces of sh*t. And we reward them by allowing them to play professional football?

If there is any convincing evidence to fire Phil Fulmer, it should be, without a doubt, the trail of pathetic, felonious sh*tbags who have "graduated" from his program. (Damn, I went and got pissed)

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