Tuesday, October 23

Thank God It's Whale-Tail Tuesday!

I asked for classy content, and I'll be damned if Taylor from Bleed Orange and Blue didn't answer that classy content bell... like a champion.

See, Taylor teaches us a valuable lesson: If you're not going into your gameday experience armed with a digital camera and a dedicated resolve to snap stealthy, candid photos of the local wild-life, you're doing us all a disservice.

Half the fun of gameday in places like Tuscaloosa, Baton Rogue or in Morgantown, West Virginia is enjoying/laughing at the opposition's county fair-esque, freak-show of a fanbase.

I submit these candid shots from last weekend's Auburn/LSU game for your approval:

whale,  Image Hosting
Oh, this was no mistake - Notice how she's "80's knotted" her shirt for maximum skankage

whale,  Image Hosting
Daddy didn't hug this one enough

"The real question is whether her name is Alabama or she is referring to UA."

- Taylor


  1. Three things come to mind;
    1 - What did the front of her
    shirt say?
    2 - This was at the LSU/Auburn game? Did she think insulting Alabama would upset Auburn fans?
    3 - Is she coming next year's game in Auburn, and where will she be sitting?

  2. to answer both #1 and #2, i believe the front says "auburn sucks"

  3. You sure the front didn't say "Auburn Spits?"

  4. the only thing i'm sure of is that thong seems to be yanked extra far up her crack.