Thursday, October 25

Bama Fan of the Week

You may have thought that we blew our proverbial Bammer wad a couple weeks back...Not So Fast, a-hole. There's still a little lead in the Tider of the Week pencil. (what?)

Ridin' Turdy

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Charlie Weis is seen leaving Tuscaloosa after meeting with Saban at Qdoba Mexican Grill on The Strip

Is Weis secretly interviewing for a spot on Saban's staff after his craptastic 1-7 start? We think Crew-Cut Charlie is attempting to kiss-up a little bit with this sweet-assed bike. Wow, I'm pretty sure he's riding the new "Heavy-Duty, Daniel Moore Edition - Harley Davidson Douche Rocket." That's one lucky gunt.

HT: Thanks, Beth!


  1. Yeah, I used to get the chicken queso burrito (they actually put cheese dip in the damn thing) with black beans and pico. It was a thing of beauty. But I had to quit. I didn't want to look like said Bama Fan.

  2. i'm rolling over here. and i agree...its the queso that sets qdoba apart.

  3. I think I know who that guy is. He has a handful of toys decked out in Bama colors and logos. He also owns an Amphicar (car that turns into a boat).

  4. he should buy a crimson treadmill.

  5. And ruin his billboard-like physique that allows him to wear a "Got 12?" shirt so big that people can read it from a quarter of a mile away? No way!