Monday, October 29


LSU @ Bama is Happening

Has there ever been more emotion and ill-will leading up to a regular season football game than the one about to take place in Tuscaloosa this weekend? I'm thinking there might be a few fights and a little violence in T-town. (Should I go document it?)

Also, I love the switch-a-roo that's taken place. Is it possible that Les Miles is seen as "the good guy" this weekend? Is anybody outside of Tider-nation really routing for Bama and The 4 million Dollar Man? Will Saban claim a victory for himself no matter the outcome? (he is of course the architect of all LSU victories, past, present and future - any recruit knows that)

Speaking of violence, I damn near hate-fisted my printer after watching the below LSU/Bama 2007 promo. It's that good...


  1. i am hopping on a plane at the ass crack on friday to go experience "hate fest '07." wish me luck.

  2. "Has there ever been more emotion and ill-will leading up to a regular season football game than the one about to take place in Tuscaloosa this weekend?"

    I don't think anything will ever top the feeling of hatred going into the UA/UT game a few years ago. IMO, this game isn't even close. The ill-will hype is mostly media-driven.

    To me, this just has a big game feel to it. I'm looking forward to watching it.

  3. I hear ya, JB. I see your point, but this one is different though. Here, the hate is directed at Alabama, while UA/UT the hate originated here in Alabama.

    Plus, LSU brings a Cajun brand of crazy hate to Tuscaloosa. Voodoo and shit. Our rational minds can't comprehend it.

  4. Is anybody outside of Tider-nation really routing for Bama and The 4 million Dollar Man?

    Oregon fans, Arizona State fans, Ohio State fans, BC fans, the eventual SEC East champs.

  5. touche, but I would dare say it's The SEC vs The Tahd this weekend.

    The SEC east doesn't know what to think or who they champion be. [/attempted ebonics] All we (SEC Fans) know is that Saban's taking home at least twice as much as our coach, and he's an insufferable asshole.

  6. Its always the SEC v. the Tahd. Just like its always the Big 12 against Oklahoma, or the Big 10 against Michigan.

    Should Bama upset LSU, the concern will blow forehead veins from Auburn to Baton Rouge to, well, if any are left, Knoxville.

    Plus that song on that video is pathetic. Phil Collins would skull fuck that chump.

  7. "Here, the hate is directed at Alabama, while UA/UT the hate originated here in Alabama."

    I'm not so sure about that. There was venom spewing from both sides of the fence during that period.

    "Plus that song on that video is pathetic."

    Hey, look at that. We agree on something!

  8. I wouldn't go that far, Stephen. You give Bama too much credit. It hasn't been like that for the Tahd in the SEC since before I was born (the 70's). It has been like that for Florida in the Spurrier Era and to some extent LSU as of late.

    All I'm saying, usually the conference empathizes with/supports the underdog (alabama), but that's not the case here. No, everybody wants LSU to "whoop that trick," cause everybody hates nick.

  9. Erik, you're forgetting the exception to that rule. When there's only one SEC team that has national title hopes, everyone seems to support that team.

    I don't know about the Tide in the 70s. Like you, I wasn't around. But if you look at UF in the Spurrier era, the SEC almost always had two teams that were in the top ten.

    There are a lot of people supporting LSU this year because they want to see Saban lose, but in all honesty...aren't most of those Auburn fans? Wouldn't most of those fans want to see Bama lose anyway (unless Bama winning would help Auburn win the West)?

  10. in an effort to avoid bama poo slinging...wanna know what makes that song suck even more cock??? its from the miami vice movie a couple years ago. somewhere crockett and tubbs die a little inside each time this video is played.

  11. erik, go read your blog and the comments to almost every post. you have to really look for a post or set of comments with no anti-alabama sentiment. is it there for any other team? if so, who?

  12. Guilty! Yeah, I'm not to fond of Alabama...It's just the average Bama point of view on life I guess. How'd you know?

  13. Oh please, you guys are just afraid that Bama is back....and your worst nightmare is about to come true. Bama didn't do anything (paying a coach what it takes in this day and age) any different than anyone else would do to get a good coach that can kick ass! The rest of the SEC is just worried that Bama is about to dominate once again. It may take him more than a year or two to build the program back, but if he stays, it will be everyone's worst nightmare come true. Alabama fans are classy people and are used to the hate that comes with having such a rich, winning tradition. Bring it on....we're big boys and girls (more than I can say for the rest of you)!

  14. Well Stated, Devlin. Seriously. Now, let's count the stereotypical Bama phrases found in the above comment:

    3 points for a "Bama is Back"

    1 point for "Bama didn't do anything...any different than anyone else"

    3 points for "Alabama fans are classy"

    3 points for "rich, winning tradition"

    1 point: (paraphrase) Non Bama fans are childish, while naturally, Bama fans are mature

    Very Impressive, Devlin. 11 points. You are an exceptional Tider.

  15. See, I consider that a compliment, you're right, I am an excellent "Tider." I stand behind my team in good times and bad and I defend them when I think rabid fans are being a little ridiculous. I guess I just don't understand why LSU fans are so upset with Saban. He didn't leave them to go to Alabama. He made a decision to go to the pros and then decided he would be happier back in NCAA. Last I checked, that doesn't make him a traitor. He is responsible for the success of the LSU Tigers in the past few years and they should be happy with what he helped create there. I think the REAL problem is that they can't deal with the fact that good ol' Les Miles might leave them for Michigan. I have always enjoyed the LSU-AL rivalry as a fun and respectful rivalry throughout the years and I hate that it has been degraded into a name calling contest. LSU fans need to deal with the present day and be thankful they have a competent Coach (for now) just as Alabama is thankful for the opportunity they have with Saban. Move on people! Hating Alabama really doesn't get you anywhere.