Tuesday, October 9

Erik's Blogpoll Ballot - Week 6

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Believe it, Gator skanks...You're still in the top 5

1LSU 25
2California 24
3Ohio State 23
4Florida 22
5Boston College 21
6Missouri 20
7South Florida 19
8South Carolina 18
9Southern Cal 17
10Kentucky 16
11Oklahoma 15
12West Virginia 14
13Wisconsin 13
14Auburn 12
15Rutgers 11
16Oregon 10
17Hawaii 9
18Arizona State 8
19Kansas 7
20Cincinnati 6
21Illinois 5
22Florida State 4
23Texas 3
24Tennessee 2
25Maryland 1

- Cal and the rest of these sucking losers have forced my hand. The Golden Bears go to New Orleans if the vote was today.

- You're damn right Florida's still in my top 5! Can you honestly tell me, with a straight face, that Boston College or South Florida would beat this UF team on a neutral field? No, you can't. It might be close, but UF is clearly better than 99% of the 1 loss teams out there. Don't be a jackass. You know it's true.

- Mizzou is real, son. That Chase Daniels can slang a football. I got to watch him dismantal the Ole Miss D for something a hair short of 400 yards. A great offense, and a good enough defense. Think, a more polished, less prone to F it all away in one rainy game Kentucky.

- You wouldn't know it unless you watched very closely (unlike the coaches poll, sportsline 120) Auburn is a changed team. They've weathered the storm and are ready to fight with anybody on their schedule (or in the Top 25 for that matter).

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