Friday, October 5

Thursday, Fugly Thursday

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A Vicious Cock Fight!

Maybe it was the rain. Maybe it was the ranking, or the hype. Maybe it was Memphis.

What many thought would be the glorious Andre' Woodson Heisman Coming Out Party, on its national stage with two highly ranked SEC teams doing battle in a rare, legitimate Thursday night throw down, actually turned out to be more of a circus of drunken, epileptic, mongoloid clowns farting wildly and tossing feces at one another. And they weren't tossing it very well.

Woodson actually accounted for as many South Carolina touchdowns as he did Kentucky (2), and he threw yet another pick. So much for that Heisman pipe dream. Damn, he looked bad last night!

Smelley didn't look awful (must. not. make. obvious, pathetic, joke), but I don't think I've ever seen more over-thrown deep passes. That goes for both QBs.

How about that ridiculous first five minutes? Or Smelley's safety avoiding, intentionally grounded turd flung from the lindsey lohan position? What was that all about? How about Jasper Brinkley's capri pants? Brick killed a guy. It was one crazy-assed, moist and soggy, turnover laden grudge match.

So are Spurrier's Cocks really in the divisional driver's seat? Lou Holtz certainly thinks so. Crap. Head-Ball-Coach's preseason talk about winning the SEC isn't quite as humorous now is it? I'm not sayin they're gonna win it, I'm just sayin. Yeah, Click-Clack, you Smelley, pirate hookers.

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Second only to the "MOREHEAD" State Hat in it's quasi-preppy, high schoolish, ironic, "I'm not getting any...really," totally acceptable douchebaggery


  1. I'd say he only accounted for one of USC's touchdowns. I was still impressed with Woodson's play given his supporting cast, and USC's defense.

    You're forgetting the Oregon State Beavers hats and the oh so daring UMASS hats with the "M" removed.

  2. They way I see it, Woodson fumbled on UK's first play from scrimmage (USC defensive TD) and then he threw a lateral in the dirt when he should have taken the sack (USC defensive TD).

    Good Call on the Beavs hat. What a classic.

  3. Come now, that ball was catchable. The fumble and the interception were all on him, though. He had 3 or 4 guys in his face, but should have held onto the ball both times.

    Where's that Ole Miss prediction?

  4. "maybe it was memphis" = one of the 10 worst songs of all time.

  5. gerry,

    yeah, it's right up there with "Paint me a Birmingham" New Country is worse than Rap in the originally sector.


    You had to watch the replay (from a better angle) We all thought the same thing ("he should have caught that") but it was slightly behind him and a one hopper at his ankles.

    Ole Miss/LA Tech? Who knows which Ole Miss team is gonna show up. 35-32 O.M. F. me that's pathetic!