Friday, October 19

The Lexington Brothers Hate Doyle Jackson Too

This is a great little diddy stemming from the asshattery that Instant Replay Scrotebag, Doyle "The Bear" Jackson perpetrated on SEC Fans everywhere by robbing us of a great college football game. "Indisputable," my ass. Or as my buddy John would surely say, "there's only one thing indisputable here, and it's in my pants."

You say..."Get over it?" I say..."Suck Yourself." This ain't over until we decide it is. More developements to come in the wake of Doyle-gate.

Oh, and you'll find more on The Lexington Brothers - Here - as well as Blue Mule Film - Here.


  1. Did they make a song about the Ole Miss-Arkansas game too?

  2. RE: stephen

    Why would they? Arkansas didn't need for the officials to blatantly disregard the NCAA rulebook to narrowly escape defeat. They beat Ole Miss soundly.

  3. Alabama didn't narrowly escape defeat, Ole Miss was still behind whether that catch was made or not. Loser. Go get geared up for the Rebs' next huge embarrassing failure. Hey, remember when Brent Schaeffer was going to kick ass for ya'll. That was a great summer.

  4. A) I'm not a Rebel fan. Erik is. Feel free to make fun of my Auburn Tigers if you want. It doesn't bother me.
    B) I will not resort to childish name calling.
    C) Looks like I really struck a chord. I probably wouldn't have if there wasn't truth in my statement. At least Gerry Dorsey has a sense of humor about it.

  5. There's not any truth to your statement. Have you ever watched Ole Miss against Alabama (or anyone with a pulse for that matter)? Do you really think they would have scored and won that game? If you do, you're kidding yourself. You are pissed bc just like all Auburn fans, you are more concerned Alabama than you are about Auburn. But that's not new.


    pssst...Stephen!...your unfounded bama arrogance is showing!

  7. My statement: "Arkansas didn't need for the officials to blatantly disregard the NCAA rulebook to narrowly escape defeat. They beat Ole Miss soundly."

    That statement is 100% true, is it not? I didn't mention Bama...but you sure were quick to get defensive about it.

    And what do I have to be pissed about? I have a great life, so I'm good whether or not my team wins or loses. I watch football for enjoyment. Life is too short to get pissed off about a game, and it's definitely too short to get pissed off over what someone says on the internet.

    I'll also answer your question. No, I don't think they would have, but I think they definitely could have scored a touchdown. Apparently, your opinion of the way Bama and Ole Miss were playing in that game has changed since you wrote this:

    "I thought they would win before the game, and I thought they should have won (the way Alabama played). Our secondary made Rebel receivers and SETH ADAMS look like the 49ers in their prime."

    Don't you think the 49ers in there prime would have been able to complete a simple fade pass to win a game? After all, it's one of the hardest passes to cover. Anyone who's played football knows that.

  8. Your statement implied that Alabama did need the officials. If it didn't, then I retract my defense of Alabama. If you don't think UA needed the refs to escape defeat, then we don't have a disagreement.

    By the way, your life isn't too short to go back and research my posts like that old lady on Murder, She Wrote to come up with my old quote, which is true. And while I said we made them LOOK like the 49ers, they're still Ole Miss.

    Erik, you know I don't have any unfounded Bama arrogance, and you'll see that by how classy I act when we win the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP THAT WE ARE ENTITLED TO.

  9. My statement is what it is. You said there was no truth in it, which is 100% false.

    You might find this hard to believe, but I can actually remember things I've read within the past couple of weeks. Granted, it did take me all of 15 seconds to scroll down the main page and click on the comments so I wouldn't misquote you. That's a little different than getting angry over something I have no control over, though.

    Yes, they're still Ole Miss. But they are an Ole Miss team that you thought should have beaten Bama.

    Why not act classy now? It seems to me that belittling other people makes you feel better about yourself. Well, I'm glad I could help. For more help, you might want to check this out.

    I'm finished with this topic. Enjoy the rest of the season, and good luck to Bama against LSU next weekend.

  10. I sure did think they should have beaten Bama because we played like ass. But we won. I'm glad your finished with the topic so I can quit reading your typical Aubie Bama-bashing obsessed drivel. Go bitch about LSU having 6 on the line. Oh, that's right you don't care enough about that bc it didn't involve Alabama.