Thursday, October 18

This Just In...Houston Nutt May Be On The Hotseat

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My favorite part of this photo is the obligitory collegiate mating gesture lurking in the background. Damn Crazy Kids - HT: Brian

I don't know, but I'm kinda sure I could write an entire Encyclopedia Britannica (not just one volume but the entire set) on the drama, the craptasticness and the turdulence that has been Arkansas Razorback Football over the last year.

So, instead of attempting to help or to offer a viable solution to the plight of Hawg fans, I think I'll just pile on one more semi-solid turd in this, Houston "Hot-Carl" Nutt's farewell tour to BCS Coaching...

Real Men of Genius: Houston Nutt Edition

Thanks to The Omnipotent Wizard of Odds for finding this gem


  1. Right, like the average Arkansas fan even has a thousand dollars. Do they really expect me to believe they paid nearly $500 for snacks? How much does a case of Schlitz and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos cost these days?

  2. I don't know...When you're living with momma and smoking kools, that disability check goes a long way.

    "It's Tha First of the Month..."