Thursday, October 4

Guess Who's Back...Back Again

Sorry about the tardiness or absence or whatever you'd like to call it.

My Excuse? Big Business, and shoddy customer service Bad luck I guess. Basically, Charter has been screwing me with their lack of internet i'm a overreacting, anal prick sometimes. Those dingle-berries amazingly talented, and fun loving customer service reps tried to tell me that it was my computer that was effed up and I needed to take it in for repair put up with my crap and recommended a possible, plausable solution for my computer issues. So, being the naive little a-hole that I am, I took it down to the Hoover Best Buy, And guess what...IT WORKED JUST EFFIN' FINE! Everybody makes mistakes, and as long as you try your hardest, that's all anybody can really ask of you, right?

So I call those schlongs saints at Charter back to ask them WTF!? How's Life? And they tell me, "Oh, maybe it's not your computer at all...maybe we've had an outage in your area since Tuesday..."

Son of a WHORE! I told that Gunt, "Before I speak to your supervisor, I want two free month of internet...and Cinimax, and some Spice Channel would be nice...ON THE HOUSE, ASS!"

...actually, I told her that I want a credit for the missing days, and some gas money for driving out the Hoover Best Buy would be nice. I was just thankful that we had resolved this mystery, and life could get back to normal. (Clearly, I won't get either) Then I firmly told her "Thank you," and I rated her customer service a 9 out of 10 (gotta keep her honest) and said, "you have a nice day..too."

Yes, I'll take it like a man. Like a man who takes things. Now I will go enjoy all the wonderful, enchanting services that Charter Communications provides (MOXI DVR, what?). Did you know Charter now offers home telephone service at extremely competitive rates? Amazing!

Also, "Dish" rhymes with "Douche"

^^^^Angels Sent From Heaven^^^^

Edit!: In the interest of full disclosure, Charter and I have settled our differences (out of court, mind you) thanks to a extremely reasonable and gentlemanly reader within the company.

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